Bananacrusis​/​/​Euphoriac​/​/​Rodent Noise​/​/​Fleur

by Losergroove

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A collection of four EPs, which were released over the summer in 2014. The tracks on the collection have been newly mastered and ordered in the sequence of their release dates. Each individual EP consisted of three songs and was creatively driven by a sole band member. Both the EP's and coordinators are ordered in the collection as such: Bananacrusis (Emmet Teran), Euphoriac (Anders Johnson), Rodent Noise (Aaron Prieto), and Fleur (Ian McErlain).


released April 9, 2015

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Zack Klein at Wild Iris Studios.
Mastered by Aidan Elias at Syndical Music.

Rodent Noise featuring Natalia Curutchet Stevenson of Cachabacha.

Bananacrusis cover art by John Erbach.
Euphoriac cover art by Unknown, cover design by John Erbach.
Rodent Noise cover art by Abbie Hornburg.
Fleur cover art by Ian McErlain and Anders Johnson.
Collection cover art by Madeleine Franklin.

All songs written by Losergroove.



all rights reserved


Losergroove New York

We-sergroove are Losergroove and these songs are for you-sergroove.

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Track Name: Gwendolyn
Well I've got a lot on my mind,
But I want to revel in your good time
And I know it's wrong to welcome lust into your home.
So I guess, that I'm stuck in a pickle again.
I guess, that being scared implies that I'm not trying enough.
Yes I'm stuck in a pickle again.
I guess, that my left feet are yours to keep from the cold.
Track Name: Rocks 'N' Wires
Glints of glass
On the gravel
Remind me of
All my travels.

Rocks 'N' Wires
Leading me back,
Back to you.

Days are long.
Time is short.

Never thinking.
Summer's ending.

Rocks 'N' Wires
Leading me
Back to you.
Track Name: WHolistic
Can't stop these ties,
Denizen but not this time.

Read between the thighs,
Misconstrue the evidence as

The coroner cries,
"He died without a fight." And

So shall I,
Glass houses broke the silence.

Gotta write it again,
So many goddamn edits.

Whole thing's a sham,
Now the race for credits ends.

I'm not the same,
Competition's fueling my whole brain.

I'm not the same,
Patronizing friends now, who's to blame?

I'm not the same,
Childhood is left to a picture frame.

I'm not the same,
Glass houses broke the silence.
Track Name: After Dark
After dark
Makes me feel far away
Gash your knee
Cause it feels good okay

Always running around
Tying me down
Always running around
Lying me down

After dark
Makes me feel far away
Gash your knee
Cause it feels good okay
Track Name: Bull
Pack it up boy you're leaving
Everything is deceiving
I can hear all the voices
I can't make all the choices

I am so full of it
I'm just so full of it

Suck it up with the moping
Wash it down with the smoking
Social eyes in some water
Hiding pigeon flying yonder

I am so full of it
I'm just so full of it
Track Name: Pixie Dust
Talk too long
It's in my blood
I think I gotta run
From being young

Caught in bed
It's in my head
I think I'm not that badd
I'm not that bad

Silver pun
Coming cold and crumbling over me
Getting old and gutting all of me
All the way home

I could walk
Suzie's laying in her pixie dust
And everyone
Everyone says laugh it up
(Laugh it up)

Kick the ball
Lay nude in the fall
You need to sit that's all
Just sit that's all

Talking head
Sitting on our bed
The youth I don't forget
Your face I tend to forget
Track Name: Honeycomb
Top flipped nose gripped good for nothing
Rustle bushes till you find something
Worth a piece of you or three or two
Grab it by the hips dance for a few

If it feels good to you don't let it slip away
Move your feet keep your grip another song will play
A longer brighter one that tickles your insides
Move your hands loosen up slide down to its thighs

Who am I to say it's late
What are we but centipedes falling through subway grates
A hiveless group of worker bees looking for a queen to please
And a place to stay

I'm looking for a honeycomb
I'm searching for a home
I'm looking for a honeycomb
A place to call my own
Track Name: Beetle Blues
Oh I can't make up your mind for you
No I've tried I'm indecisive too
Oh I wonder what it's like to choose
I'll call God and ask her what to do

Sometimes I wonder if she's tired too
Who wants to watch everybody lose
It's hard to be the hero and the villain too
Darling I think I'm red but I'm a darker shade of blue

Oh I can't make up your mind for you

I can't make up your mind for you
Track Name: Can't Hurt A Real Live Otter (They're Tough Enhydras)
Cascading beauty you pour like rain into a broken glass
Leaky faucets do turn the mind into a mouse trap
Magnetic eyelids shut I always see too much
And tell me that you think I'm vile I can still make you smile

Otter girl swim forward still I could really use a pill
Otter girl swim back again you'll find your way into my hand
Stairwells bleeding into me there's something odd with company
My heart's been calling out to me I left it back in battery

Suburban city girl I burnt the windowsill last night
I dropped my cigarette counting the times I get a fright
Staple my lips shut I always say too much
And otter girl I'm sorry if I hurt ya but you're one tough enhydra

So I'll just wander till I'm needed spewing words with no real meaning
And locking hips with mismatched grooves and sets of lips I wish would bruise
My mouth and lungs the way you would I should have never said I could
Find another place to call my own take me back to honeycomb

I thought that you might think about what's behind us
Can't hurt a real live otter they're tough enhydras
Track Name: Pathos
Oh tell me what you used to see
It isn't how it used to be
It used to be alright
So I'll meander in the shade
While the vital vein will fade
Will fade into the night
So wistful when a widow cries
Libidos become alibis
And ally's only friend
So call it off and call it in
And fade away in mortal sin
A harrowed heart to mend

Go revel in the glory days
Remind the others loving pays
Pays the debt of time
Go wander in anatomy
Your frigid heart's the fading key
The key to all the rhymes
Oh spare me your prerequisites
And I'll abide in petty hits
You tend to lay in phase
No I'm not gonna let it go
The parts of hearts we tend to sow
And set it all ablaze

Oh lover from another time
We fall in love to fall in line
We fall in line
Oh lover from another time
We fall in love to fall in line
We fall in line
Oh lover from another day
We fall apart to fall away
We fall away
Oh lover from another time
We fall in love to fall in line
We fall in line

Oh lover from another time
We fall in love to fall in line
We fall in line

Did I fall into yours
Or did you fall into mine?
Track Name: Gallivant
Track Name: Tin
She laughs at silences
To a joke she doesn't fully understand
She cast her eyes from sin
As she trembles in the other reveler's hand
Oh let's just let us be
Kiss in corsets on the doorsteps of our lives
Only foolish eyes will see
I'm a drag in tattered rags but I'm alive

She holds her parlant tongue
But refusing has it oozing from her skin
She's she's made of platinum
But her eyes will exorcize her till she's tin
Oh let's just let it go
Kiss in corsets on the doorsteps of our days
Only foolish eyes will roll
Because darling I will stand by my cliches

Past your peel, I know you feel that there's no color in your eyes
But darling, know the color's in what lies.